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                        L-30 = 474mm (profiles=485mm)

                                                             1.  Cut the profiles in preferred lengths. L-30 has to be
                                                               cut shorter than the other profiles (see drawing above).

                                                             2.  Assemble the frame with S-12 A and L-30 B.
                                                               Fix double sided acrylic tape or glue to the back side
                                                               of L-30 and attach L-30 to the bottom of the S-12
                                                               profiles C.

                                                             3.  Stabilize the frame by adding an aluminium support
                                                               bar at the top D. For larger signs, stabilize the frame
                                                               by adding more support bars, or a whole aluminium

                                                             4.  Slide down the CLASSIC double sided profiles E
                                                               into the frame with either the flat or the railed side out.

                                                             5.  Close the sign with end caps, top and bottom F.

                    CLASSIC double sided profile  S-12 Side profile

                  Tape              L-30 Stopper                 Tape

              1. CLASSIC wall mounted Directory Sign (500x400mm). Slide-down system using S-12 side profile,
                  profiles 20-1, 25-4 and 20-2 with flat side out for vinyl text, and L-30 profile on the bottom.

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