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 SIGNET Sign System was created by Lennart Hedlund in
 the early 1990’s and introduced to the European sign
 market in 1995 with great success. Today, SIGNET Sign  CLASSIC                     TOTEM
 System is distributed in more than fifty countries worlwide.
 SIGNET Sign System is a second generation family owned
 and operated company, located in Gothenburg, the second
 largest city in Sweden.

                                    SLIM                                            MAGNETIC

                                    FLEXI                                           TACTILE/

                                    CONVEXA                                         SIGNET
                                                                                    DEMO KIT

                                    ELEGANCE                                        PROFILE

 SIGNET Sign System brochure II May 2015

              With first class products manufactured in Scandinavia, professional service
                         and fast delivery, we guarantee customer satisfaction!
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